I thought it to be most appropriate, to make this first blog post a personal one. It requires some vulnerability- to share with you my motivation for creating something so personal and meaningful to me- Stonewood Vintage. Thank you, in advance, for reading.

xo, Shiara

This summer has been a whirlwind; it is largely why this first post is a bit overdue.  To say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude would be an understatement.

A few short months ago, I called up the very talented Cat Mayer.  I explained to her that I planned to open a vintage rental company, and I asked her to take some photos for that new business. They would be the first styled photos representing Stonewood Vintage rentals & design. 

I wanted these first photos to reflect a few of the things I most love. I wanted the details to tell a story.  I incorporated elements that are incredibly meaningful to me- my great grandmother’s cameo ring, old letters written between my grandparents, my favorite book, and a few of my favorite words- among other things.

Details tell a story. Details tell a story.

3 Leaf Floral graciously added a few of her floral masterpieces.

 So why vintage? What is vintage, really? We hear this term thrown around all the time.  To ME, there are no clear cut rules for what constitutes “vintage”. It really has become a blend of so many different styles from various decades that come together to create a warm and inviting ambiance. In fact, my favorite way to style an event or space is with a mix of old and new.  I love to bring meaningful pieces from the past into what is trending and modern today. Take an antique couch and add a few modern pillows to it, add a rustic barn board table to a modern space, take an old dresser and re-purpose it into a dessert table.  The options are endless. I could go on all day.

With styles ranging from country rustic, bohemian, retro chic, industrial, to elegant romantic, there really is a theme for everyone. There are no rules. But most importantly, the details for such special events should be a reflection of YOU.  What do you value?  Incorporating your interests, family heirlooms, favorite words, etc. are all ways to add subtle beauty to your event that you will treasure for years to come. Statistics have shown that vintage is not a trend that is going anywhere. Every year we see vintage incorporated into new ways, but the elements themselves are by no means disappearing. Unique event rentals are a memorable way to make a statement at any special event.

I will be forever grateful to those people who helped me turn a dream into reality, and who are still sharing in that journey today.  Thank you for being a part of my story.

Find the beauty in the small things. At Stonewood Vintage, we truly believe that these are the details that come together to tell a beautiful story.  “What story do you want to tell?”