They say “home is where the heart is.”  I guess I have two homes then.  Colorado has stolen my heart; I have absolutely loved living here the past 8 years.  However, so much of my heart still and always will belong to Wisconsin.  When I travel back to Wisconsin, I love first and foremost, just spending time with my family. We always have the most wonderful time together, and for that alone, I feel so fortunate.  

Secondly, I LOVE “digging for treasures.”  Just this past trip alone, I ventured into a dozen or so antique stores with my mom. This was “the norm” growing up, so we easily slipped back into what both of us enjoy doing.  And doing it together, made it all the more fun. And even though I’ve dug through it numerous times, I had to dig through my grandparents’ barn once again.  I mean- I could have missed something the past thirty times, right?!  THIS is where my love for everything old began.  IT is the very core for WHY I love so much working with rentals and design at Stonewood Vintage.

 I told my grandfather that I needed some antlers for an upcoming wedding that I will be working on.  To give you a bit of context, my grandfather is 90 years old.  He’s the man that wouldn’t travel to my Colorado wedding because it involved an airplane; he doesn’t believe in doctors (because they just want your money); and he doesn’t have the slightest clue as to what the term “social media” means.  He, along with my sweet sweet grandmother, have worked so hard their entire lives. “Hard work” just doesn’t seem to hold the same meaning in today’s world.  They would wake up at 4:00 AM every morning to milk cows, only to revisit that same task in the late evenings. This was the daily routine for 50 years. Yes, 50. Going on vacations were few and far between.  Traveling into town for an ice cream or a trip to the movies was considered a treat.  Ask my mother, or either of my grandparents, and they will tell you that it was a beautiful life- one that has blessed them with wonderful memories, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  That was enough.  And remains enough to this day. It was a simpler time, but one that focused on what really mattered.

During this past Holiday Season, I was so  incredibly grateful for the reminder to slow down, appreciate those little things- the simple things- and to love deeply, with a full heart, the people and things in my life that mean so much.  Life is too short.

Said with a chuckle, my grandfather asked, “why the hell do you want old antlers? I’m going to burn that garbage-get some good heat out of them.” But of course he found some for me.  A lot of them- antlers from the same deer he had in a nearby photo taken in 1955.  These antlers are going home with me to Colorado (once I can figure out how to get them past airport security). They will be added to our inventory, and forever hold a special story.  

Here’s to slowing down, refocusing on what truly matters, and celebrating this wonderful life we’ve been given.  HAPPY 2016!

What story do you want to tell?