Our approach is purposeful. We know and understand that staging and good design SELLS.
Our goal is to maximize a property’s true value and accentuate the potential each possesses.

Intentional Staging + Design

To be the best at what we do, we strongly believe in SHOWING our best- with our up to date inventory collection, team of professionals and experience- we let our work speak for itself.


Vacant Home

When it’s time to sell a home, you want to do it fast and at maximum price- regardless of value or market conditions.


Home Staging

Small investment with a large impact.


Interior Design

Personalized and inspired design.




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Checkout Our Latest Photos

Who doesn’t love an open, bright kitchen!? Excited to share more from this recent staging project. See more info on this STUNNING home with @annarickenbachremax4000. ...

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Spring projects have us feeling inspired. We love a space with great natural light. #designinspo .
Staging: @stonewoodinteriors
Photo: @krobinsonphotography

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Sunday vibes.✌🏻 #Repost @krobinsonphotography .
#staging #interiors #modern #minimalist #neutrals #Sundayfunday #cleandesign #designinspo #interiordesign

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Natural light for the win. Every time. #forsale #homestaging @stonewoodinteriors ...

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Modern rustic. We love western Colorado and living in the high desert. This space pays homage to all of the above. #homestaging #sold || @krobinsonphotography @stonewoodinteriors ...

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Clean lines and modern accents with a pop of color.💛 With our expansion into the home staging space, comes a variety of new inventory lines available to rent. Contact us for more details! || Photo: @krobinsonphotography Staging + Rentals: @stonewoodinteriors ...

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Inspiration.❤️ #mayaangelou #amen #90thbirthday || Photo by @leannefordinteriors ...

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We have a thing for pillows. And cows. #homestaging #cleandesign || Photo: @krobinsonphotography Design: @stonewoodinteriors ...

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Welcome! Our company @stonewoodvintage is elated to be expanding our rental inventory + design services into the home staging + interior space. Our goal is to create beautiful spaces that are intentional and accentuate a home’s true potential. More to come! ❤️ Photo: @krobinsonphotography Rentals + Design: @stonewoodinteriors ||#hittingthegroundrunning ...

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