At Stonewood, we pride ourselves first and foremost on getting to know our clients.  We believe that when we know you on a personal level, we can best “tell your story”, whether you have that clear vision in your mind of what things will look like or not.  Call it cliché, a motto, or a catchphrase- we just say it because it’s our passion:

  “Details tell a story.  What story do you want to tell?”

Photo by Elizabeth Wells Photography

We want your big day or special event to be a reflection of YOU.  Every event Stonewood executes is completely custom and designed to fit our client’s specific vision and needs. Flawlessly planned and exquisitely beautiful events all come down to the details. It’s also where our passion for what we do resides—the angle of a couch, the straight lines and spacing of flatware, or the just-right varying heights of a dessert display.

We celebrate sentiment, we get chills when we hear a couple’s love story and EVERY time the bride walks down the aisle, we get giddy when the design elements of a tablescape come together perfectly.  We dream outside the box and strive to exceed expectations by focusing on elements that are unique and meaningful.

Whether those details include making sure everything looks perfect, or the countless hours of planning in the months leading up to your special day, we want each and every piece to be thoughtful, purposeful, and without stress for you.  Enjoy the process, the special moments, and your significant other- the things that truly matter.  Leave the rest to us.

Not everyone may need and/or want full blown coordination and planning services.

Let’s chat and customize a package that fits you.