“Old things exert a strange fascination in me. Their smell.  Their feel.  Their history.  

Wondering who might have owned them. How they lived. What they felt.”

– Lauren Hillig


Shiara Caubarreaux

Hello!  My name is Shiara and I grew up in Central Wisconsin. It is there where my love for antiques, vintage, and “storytelling” was born.  From a very young age, I remember digging through piles of “stuff” in the lofts of my grandparents’ milk barn, wiping dust off of special finds that hadn’t seen daylight for years, and questioning my grandparents for the stories that accompanied each piece as I dragged them inside.  My mom, also possessing a love for antiques, would “drag” me through countless stores anywhere we went. The hunting never stopped, and my collection and love only grew over the years.  After moving to Colorado and meeting my husband in 2008, I immediately knew that Colorado had stolen a piece of my heart. After selling vintage and repurposed furniture for a few years, I knew I wanted to share my most favorite pieces with others- and so, I started Stonewood Vintage: rentals & events.  I named Stonewood after the land in Wisconsin that my parents own and still live on to this day. To me, Stonewood is meaningful not only because I connect it to my family, but because Stonewood represents the coming together of two contrasting elements, that in its natural simplicity, is beautiful.  That is what I strive to create when hearing the stories of our clients and incorporating the stories of days past into the special events of modern today- timeless and beautiful.

Photo by Cat Mayer Studio.